• wasson's ceramics workshop

    introductory hand building workshops in Austin, TX

  • hand building workshops

    learn the basics of hand building pottery in a single pop-up style workshop

    how it works

    I will come to your location to teach a hands-on lesson in making pinch pots. we will use a self-hardening clay, allowing you to keep your pots without the need for firing.

    great for groups

    Birthdays, wedding groups, corporate events and more! this interactive workshop is perfect for groups looking to have a unique, hands-on experience; plus, each participant gets to leave with their own hand-made ceramic souvenir. customization options are available.


    Cost is $30 per person for a 2-hour session. participants can make an unlimited amount of pieces during this timeframe.

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  • frequently asked questions

    do i need to have experience working with clay?

    Nope! this is a workshop for beginners who are interested in learning the basics of hand building pottery.

    what should i wear?

    Although the clay does not typically stain, i recommend wearing an old t-shirt or an apron, just in case. when working with clay, i also like to have my fingernails trimmed and rings and bracelets removed.

    what is the maximum group size for my event?

    This depends on the type of experience you want. if you want a booth-type setting, where participants come and go on their own cadence, there is no maximum.


    For a class-type setting, i do not recommend more than 15 people. this is to ensure all participants reach each milestone together and get adequate 1:1 guidance.

    will our pieces need to be fired afterward?

    Nope! we will use a self-hardening clay that dries in about 4-5 days. if you are interested in applying color to your piece, wait until it is completely dry. at that point, you can paint with acrylic paints and seal with clear enamel.